Gems We Brought into the Marriage that Required No Prenups

We made it out of the house this morning without the smoke detectors going off. What was I thinking, jumping in the shower with a pan on the stove? A pan with a layer of scrambled eggs adhered to the bottom, that I was soaking on “low” to make the scraping and carving and chipping easier when I cleaned up.

When it was time to take the kids to school, I ran past the pan where it landed when I tossed it into the garage and slammed the door shut quickly on the column of smoke.

I don’t think that pan is going to make it. It is coated in the black layer of death. I never really liked that pan anyway, but I’ve put up with it all these years because it’s one of the things “Skye brought into the marriage”...[read more HERE]

Amy Kehoe


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