Gen Xers and Vax Choices

The institution of marriage went through a lot of changes in our childhood, with divorce becoming acceptable, and many middle class kids falling into a new single-mother-headed family, which often went hand-in-hand with economic instability.

It is in this stew of uncertainty, change, and skepticism that we were raised. The kids before us had grown ups taking care of things (and yet a small but vocal portion of that population still found their way to rebellion, skepticism, and suspicion of science). The kids after us had parents to insulate the fears and they grew up in a much more positive framework, with more respect for authority than the previous two generations. I think we lived in this sliver of uncertainty and unclear boundaries. 
Many were left with the feeling that questioning these things all fall into the same realm:antibiotic use,  fertilizers and pesticideschemicals in household productstoo much sun,flame retardant pajamasCFCs, circumcisiongovernments, lobbyistscorporate CEOs,Pintosmedicated childbirthdisposable diapersdebt, commutingEMFs, lead paint,handsome strangersunsafe sexasbestosradontap waternuclear wasteindustrial wastehomemade drugslawn darts, and all manner of toys. None of these concerns are unique to Gen X, but they were the hallmarks of our childhoods, young adulthoods, and transition to parenting for many of us. Many of these examples were policies that received a stamp of approval by the government and scientists. Many of these policies also had strong corporate interests and profits tied to them.
To recap:  I am not siding with those who choose not to vaccinate, nor am I advocating one side of the debate or the other. I am simply trying to shed light on what factors combined to create a generation will to question. I believe it is more about questioning corporations than science, and it comes from a childhood filled with questioning, rebelling against authority and the status quo, and disappointment in leadership. 



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