Geneology 101 (or put the skeleton back in the closet)


If you ever want to trace your family tree, Don't.

I say that because what one finds out may not be what one expects. I know I am six degrees of separation from someone, but never knew exactly who. To be perfectly honest, never really cared either. But my daughter (the explorer) just had to go digging and what she unearthed should have stayed buried.

So here are the highlights of the grand exploration (mind you, this is only on my Father’s side. Researching my Mother’s side would probably cause a mild stroke at the very least):

Fact #1- My Great-Great Grandfather, Green Hunter B. was a wealthy landowner in Alabama. The reason he was so rich? He was a SLAVE OWNER of 21 humans. I am appalled, embarrassed and utterly ashamed. Please don’t tell me, “Oh, those were the times. Everyone did it”.
A damn slave-owner…ACH!! The bright side is he lost all of his money during the civil war, including his slaves.

Fact #2- The Slave owner had 11 children and one of them (my Great-Grandfather) married a woman who was half-Indian. Now I like my G-Grandmother Annie. She came from a line of people with such names as “Dragging Canoe”, “Small Fox Conjuror” “White Owl Raven” and “Chief Pathkiller”.

Yes people, I am part Cherokee Indian. (This is very cool).

Fact #3- So now we need to jump across the big pond to Ireland. #5 Great-Grandfather was a Reverend (*Insert wide-eyed look here*). As much Sunday school as I skipped, quite certain he rolled in his grave.

Fact#4- The Reverend came from no-one of importance (they were in shock due to the fall from grace I think).
I’m so far back in the tree I can’t keep the Greats straight but the year is 1400’s. We were people of nobility, Countesses’ and Lords. Yes my good people, someone used to curtsey to my clan.

Fact #5-We had a black sheep in the clan. Seems one of the fair ladies had a baby out of wedlock and the poor lad was forever referred to as “Mad Robert”. (They had bullies back then I see)

So in conclusion, I have relatives that fought in wars, owned slaves, led a church, had visiting royalty stay in their homes, a mad one, but not one person I found was cool. I was hoping to find a saloon owner, pied piper, court jester, anything but stiff, up-tight old folks.

Thank goodness my Father was born. He broke the cycle…wide open

That’s another post though…


If you dare to explore here are two good places to start:




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