Are Today's Toddlers the Generation iToddler?

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Some question the use of apps in children's daily routine finding it too close to its ancient sibling-the video game, I however embrace it. People say it strays away from parent & child interaction.  This theory, in my opinion, is based on fear-fear of change, fear of a fast-growing technological generation that does anything and everything with a click of a button or more appropriately-a tap of a finger.


As long as you teach your kids the foundation and skills they need I see nothing wrong in a little ipad action. Newsflash people: this is the iToddler Generation! Some people fear that their kids are lazy, tip tapping on the computer and watching tv all day. I don't believe kids are lazy, I have more respect for them than that-I believe kids gets bored. And when kids get bored it's up to the parents to make a change and find new things to help challenge them.

Being a stay-at-home mom I love incorporating learning apps into Baby D's "classroom at home". I usually download 2 new apps a week and I swear after day 1 he's got all of them memorized and mastered. His brain is growing faster than I can keep up with and he is constantly looking to be challenged. That the beauty of apps-you can control the difficulty level of some apps or hey, you can always download more! 

Would I plop my kid in front of the Elmo's World app for 5 hours instead of teaching him the alphabet or building with Legos? Hell no! Ipad apps are not a substitution for traditional learning tools and games, its an enchancement. Baby D and I recite the alphabet, do puzzles, draw, play basketball outside AND we play games on the ipad. It's all about moderation and balance! After all, kindergarten and elementary schools are already incorporating tablets into classrooms. There's absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your toddler a head of the game.

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