Generation X: All Grown Up

OMG! Have you guys heard about Miley Cyrus's performance at the MTV Music Awards?! 

Of course you have. We all have.

 Thanks to Miley, foam hands will never be looked at the same way again. Thanks to Miley, me and the entire Generation X crew has been outed as an aging generation of hypocrites.

 Let's go back in time for a moment.

Generation X. Us fortunate enough to be born in the 70s and 80s were branded this title way back in the day after adults found the new generation of American youth to be "directionless". Also known as the MTV Generation, us Gen Xers were witness to the birth of music videos, glam rock, heavy metal, Madonna, Punk Rock, Rap, Grunge and Hip Hop. We watched as seven strangers were awkwardly taped 24/7 during the first season of the Real World. We watched as Beavis and Butthead made their television debut. We watched as performer after performer pushed the envelope and the FCC limit through fashion, choreography and suggestive lyrics which were all a staple in the new and awesome world of music videos.

 As younger members of Generation X, we loved every moment of this new and shock value fueled world of sex, drugs and rock n roll.

 Let's Head Back to present day.

Generation X. Us fortunate to enough to be born in the MTV Age are now grown up. We are adults, mothers, fathers, husbands and wives. Gone are the days of worshiping the channel on which MTV aired. Present are the days of showing our age, damning the new generation of young adults as over-sexualized, disgusting and cringe worthy. We have become our parents.

 I did not watch the VMAs. I had no clue it was on and to be honest, haven't had the desire to watch for 15+ years now. However, I have watched the clips (and there are a lot out there). I have watched the facial responses from those in the audience. I have read the tweets, facebook statuses, blog posts and articles written about it. As a grown woman and mother, I am disgusted by it. I am glad my kids have no clue that MTV is an actual channel. I would have been ticked off if they had been tuning in and saw the "performance". The whole thing was trashy, vulgar and shouldn't have been broadcast on television.

 I have spent the morning trying to defend Miley in some way. I have been trying to rationalize her behavior as shock and awe...the same shock and awe that made us gravitate toward MTV...the same shock and awe that made MTV so awesome, so hip, so monumentally successful. I have been trying to channel the young Gen X girl I used to be; the girl who would be rolling her eyes at me, the mother,  for going on and on about how inappropriate Miley's performance was. The thing is, I can't get a hold of my old self.

 This morning I learned that I am a hypocritical Generation Xer who kinda sorta remembers bits and pieces of her youth. This morning I realized, that like all things, Generation X has grown up. Gone are our "directionless" days of watching MTV 24/7. Here now are the values, responsibilities and learned life lessons that the younger generation (Miley included) have yet to figure out.

 We no longer embrace the shock and awe that MTV (or whomever) was looking for. We no longer embrace the youthful "directionless" and "over-sexed" stigmas which once defined us. We no longer appreciate the pushing of limits. We no longer appreciate the sex, drugs or rock n roll. We no longer "get" MTV, just as our parents didn't "get it" when we were the youthful, shock and awed appreciative kids of Generation X.

 Who would have imagined Generation X, the MTV Generation, would have found their direction in life and turned into responsible (albeit hypocritically)?!

As someone who lived, loved, and embraced the epitome of what made Generation X so freaking awesome to grow up during, I have one thing to say:

"Miley! Put some f-ing clothes on, go read a good book, find yourself and for the love of god, never go near a foam hand again...ever."




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