Generational Economics

When Candidate Obama campaigned for the presidency in 2008, he made a special appeal to my generation. He outlined a positive and exciting vision for America, one paved with hope and change for a bright future. At that time, his message and charisma seemed to be like the kind of change we needed to make in the White House. He said all the right things and made people feel warm on the inside. Andon no issue could this be truer than the national debt. President Obama promised to transform the broken ways of Washington by restoring fiscal responsibility to government. He did not mince his words. In his speeches, he referred to the growth in our national debt as "obscene" and "unacceptable." He even called it  "unpatriotic." When my generation voted for him in overwhelming numbers, they naturally expected him to make reducing the debt a priority. Unfortunately, he did exactly the opposite. When he took office, the national debt was $10.6 trillion. Thanks to his leadership, it's now risen to $15.8 trillion-that's another $5.2 trillion in just three and a half years. There isn't a whole lot of mystery as to why this has happened. Just look at President Obama's record-breaking trillion dollar deficits. It's not difficult arithmetic. Several of my friends had to move back home! Who would have thought that was the change they would experience when they voted for President Obama? After four years of college and there are no jobs!

The amount of debt we are in (and it's growing) is frightening to young women like me. As we're thinking about our own futures, we're looking at this massive amount of debt and wondering not if, but how, it will burden our generation. Will it affect our ability to build a business, start a family or fulfill our dreams and goals? Are we the America that our parents and grandparents know- a place where you can work and succeed at your dreams. Or the thought comes to mind, "Will America share the fate of Europe?"

There is a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds; however, when it comes to this fiscal recklessness, the writing is on the wall: we cannot afford four more years of the same failed policies and broken promises. I'm voting for Mitt Romney in November because I don't want my generation and children's generation to be saddled with yet more debt. 


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