A Genie Set Free?

The post that will have my short story is still in the works. So for right now, I'd like to talk about something else. Not just because it is trending on sites like this, but because it's something I really do care about. The death of Robin Williams.

Robin Williams was a man like no other. He was full of life, full of soul, someone who without question was one of a kind. Thinking about this fact as I write is more difficult than I imagined; my hands are actually shaking as I try to type this. Lets say his death still hasn't sunken in for me. He was to me as he was to many, an idol brought us to belly laughs more times than the hands can count.


Where I first remember seeing Robin Williams was either the film Flubber, or Mrs. Doubtfire; I'm not really sure which at the moment. What I do remember was the first impression I had as a child seeing this short, crazy little man who made me laugh: THIS MAN IS AMAZING!! That was it. Not he was funny, not he was silly, but that he was amazing. That was the best way to put it. Later the movies to fill my shelves would be Aladdin, Robots, Patch Adams, among too many to name now.

When I see his body of work, I can't be like most of the people who just stop to talk about his comdedic work. He knew how to dig deep as well, that to me is talent. The one dramatic piece I had the chance to watch was an episode where he appeared on Law and Order: SVU, as a man accused of impersinating an officer and then ordering some man to rape his fast food employee over the phone. While this character was a sick monster when you got down to it, Robin gave this man something I don't think many other actors could have done; he made him human. He showed a vulnerable I never thought I would ever see from him and in many ways, watching it was life altaring.

Suicide being Robin's method of choice hasn't come as a complete shock to me, though the fact that he's dead has left me weak in the knees. I say this because I knew of his drug use, his addiction to alcohol, the little devil called depression which called Robin's heart its home. I think I knew it was possible, I just didn't think it would go that far.

People debate now about whether or not he made the right choice, to end his misery. Some are calling him a coward for taking the easy way out, or that he'll burn in hell for it. Others are making posts like "Genie, you're free.", making him the poster boy for why suicide is okay or the way to end the pain. I'm sorry, but strangulation is no way a pieceful way to go. Then there are others, like my father who spoke to him last year, who wish they could have done more. "I could have helped him. We were the same men, with the same problems, but with different backgrounds. I should have helped him.". Where do I stand with it? I'm in the boat with my dad, being the nuturing person I've always been. I'm also of the opinion that what matters now is what was left behind, his work and his family, not how or why he died.

So you can decide, has the Genie been set free? Is so, why? If not, why not? What does it mean to you?



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