Georgie Porgie Puddin & Pie

There. I did it. I put my daughter’s name on the internet. Wait a second while I look to see if the sky has fallen…Nope. Still here.

 Okay, so her name is not Puddin Pie, although that is her pet name. Her name is Georgia. And my sweet, loving, compassionate for all things great and small daughter is fat. Yeah, yeah, I know I am not supposed to say that. And I don’t. It just about killed me to type it. But you know what? She knows it. I know it, and everyone around her at school, all our family and strangers even know it. She is 12 years old and pushing 200 lbs.

 Go ahead and post your comments about how it’s all my fault and how I choose what food is in my house and I need to get her outside and get her moving. Judge me. Go ahead. You can’t make me feel any worse than I already do.

Georgia really started showing her weight a long time ago. probably around 8 years old. Of course the pediatrician said “She’ll grow out of it” , “She’ll get taller.” and my favorite “When she hits puberty maybe the hormones will help.” NOT!

 Let me back up a little, just so I can present my case here. My kids don’t drink Cokes (soda, pop, whatever you call it) I don’t buy them. I make sure there is fresh fruit and veggies in my house. And my kids eat them. We don’t eat out very much, I can’t afford it. And as far as excercise, We live outside! She raises chickens, and cows, they play in the woods, they never seem to stop moving!

 2.5 years ago I put them all on a swim team. ( I have 3 kids BTW) that first summer on the swim team, Georgia spent a solid hour doing laps. Freestyle, breast stroke, butterfly, you name it. 5 days a week. I became even more conscious of what they were eating because I wanted them to do well at the meets. To give you some perspective…we went to MacDonald’s once that summer, and we all got sick from all the grease and crap they put in that stuff. I lost 25 lbs. that summer on accident! My precious 10 year old’s body didn’t change 1 iota.

 Being th observant parent that I am, I brought it to the pediatrician’s attention. We went on to do blood tests. Results….No thyroid problems, no food allergies, no cushings syndrome, nothing. I am aware that this is good news. But my daughter wants to be comfortable in her skin if that’s okay with everyone. I want that for her too. Now we were off to Vandy to the Pediatric obesity whatever. They had her fast so they could do blood work when she got there. Oops, no blood work necessary. Sorry you kid is starving. I am getting off track. An entire day we spent there. We talked to a dietician for an hour, then a physical therapist of some sort for an hour, then someone else for an hour, and then the DR.. He said that Georgia has a slow metabolism. DUH. R U Kidding me? We left and went out to lunch. (you would have too)

 Now it’s 2.5 years later, and she meets with a dietician from time to time, and does very well with portion control on her own. I don’t have to remind her as much as I used to. Due to some scalp issues, she has cut dairy out of her diet completely. And yes, I give her a supplement. She has endured comments such as “fat a**” and many others at this point, and she is sick of it.

 While discussing with her how to handle the bullies in her life, I decided that she needed more one on one time with me. Just mom and daughter time. Away from the house. We considered joining another gym closer to home, guitar lessons, or a dog club. Then one night, I remembered how many times I have had to tell her to put my old Weight Watchers stuff back when she was done looking at it. It’s not easy material to come by. And that’s when I decided we would join Weight Watcher’s together. 1 meeting a week together, just her and I. Went to the 1 free meeting, and had to listen to them tell me that I needed to get a script or order from her doctor for her to be able to join. Yeah, I already knew that. No problem. I had it in my hand 2 days later. After a phone call to corporate to ask some questions that I could not get that lady at the meeting to answer, they offered to run the script through Georgia’s insurance…and…Voila! They are paying for it.

 Go ahead and tell me that obesity is driving up the cost of healthcare for those who are not obese. Did you or did you not just read this post? It’s not her fault. She is not over eating or sitting in front of a computer or tv. Her body does not work like other girls her age. She needs help, more help than I have been able to give her. And I am thankful that Weight Watchers is willing to help her. They can give her the tools she can take with her to college and on into her adult life. Because the way it looks now, she is going to be battling this for a while.

 For those of you who have overweight children and have tried EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. Maybe there is hope. For those of you who have overweight children and you are reading this just after a bucket of KFC. Maybe you should start at square 1 like everybody else.

 I wanted to share this with all of you and hope that some of you will be encouraged from it. If your children are fighting this same battle, I pray for you. Watching them go thru such an adult problem, without the coping mechanisms to deal with society around them, is so painful. Consider thinking outside the box.

 Try everything.

 I will keep you posted on our progress.


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