Celebrate Life's Special Moments with Dixie Ultra Moments®

Dixie Ultra Moments® tableware includes unique 8-sided plates built with a deep rim, durable construction and Soak Proof Shield®. They’re strong enough to hold up to any gathering or party. See how these bloggers brought Dixie Ultra Moments® into their lives, as they share their moments and show how the premium coordinating designs on plates, napkins and cups bring style to any occasion. Go ahead. Celebrate with style and strength!




the ultimate graduation party with Dixie Ultra Moments® Tableware

That's it. The end of an era. I am no longer the parent of an elementary schooler. Both of my kids are now in middle school. How am I old enough for that to have happened... don't answer that. Stella's ceremony was bitter sweet. She and her besties were having SO much fun, dancing and singing, proudly walking across the stage to receive their diplomas. Yes, when you leave elementary school, you now get a diploma. I loved watching them, but at the same time, I cannot believe how fast it is all going. I remember her first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday. ...more

Lemonade Cake

One of my favorite sayings is 'A party is not a party unless there is cake!' I actually don't know if that is a real saying or if I just made it up, but they seem like good words to live by. Who doesn't love a good party and cake! We like to make birthdays extra special - especially for the kids (adults love it too)! There are balloons, birthday banners, birthday shirts and of course a very special birthday cake! For the kids, I like to make a custom design cake into something tailored to their current interests. For Greta's first birthday, she had a bear cake....more

"Summer is Here!" Brunch

In our family, we don't need a big reason to celebrate. Of course, we love to celebrate the big things like birthdays and holidays. But, I love to throw little celebrations too! A few weeks ago, we had a "Summer is Here!" brunch to ring in the new season. Nothing huge - just our family and a few fun treats....more

Porch Party with the Girls

Friends are wonderful, aren’t they? There’s nothing better than a bunch of girlfriends getting together to gab and catch up on everything going on. Since I’m now single again, it’s been really fun to get connected with other women my age who are also single. I’ve enjoyed making some new friends and it’s been great to have them to do things with. I’ve made some great single friends just in the last 6 months. A couple of them are widows and most of us are divorced, but we all face the same things at this stage of our lives. ...more

Club Sandwiches and Family Night with Dixie Ultra Moments®

These Club Sandwiches are one of our favorite sandwiches. Talk about an easy, family-friendly dinner right here. My kids love these. Ham, turkey, bacon and cheese? What's not to love!? They're also super easy and quick to make. Perfect for family night! What's family night, you say?...more

Family Movie Night Snack Bar with Dixie Ultra Moments®Tableware

I used to adore going to our local drive-in movie theater in the summers, laying out blankets, eating popcorn and candy during the double feature, and getting to talk and chatter as much as we wanted because we were in our own little bubble in our car. However, since we've had children, and our oldest is only 7, we just don't get to do it anymore. With the first feature starting at dark, which in the summer is usually around 9 pm, and our little ones' bed times hovering near 8 pm, it is just something that doesn't work easily into our schedule....more

Impromptu Party Planning with Dixie Ultra Moments®

I am crazy about Christmas and Halloween, and love planning parties for birthdays and other special occasions, but I started to realize recently how much it is the little, fleeting moments I will remember when I am old and gray. The baby climbing into our bed first thing in the morning, pulling covers up over our heads and singing songs before the weekday rush begins. At the end of the afternoon, when I'm exhausted, we turn on music by Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower and dance, getting dizzy and silly until Daddy comes home from work....more

Dinner Party on a Budget

I love having people over and entertaining. It's great to sit back and relax with family and friends with delicious food and drinks. I tend to go all out because I want everyone to enjoy themselves, but I have learned that you do not have to break your piggy bank open to make it happen. My dinner party on a budget tips will have both your guests and your wallet thanking you by night's end....more

Celebrating Life's Everyday Ultra Moments

Moments are everywhere and it's important to celebrate the little ones as much as the big ones. In the Cleaver house hold we have some big celebrations coming up - with Ben graduating from nursing school next month! But the little celebrations are just as special to me. In the last three years of him being back at school, there have been late nights, early mornings, long hours and moments we can't sit down and form coherent thoughts because we are so wiped out from the constant go and movement of our lives....more

Celebrate with Style and Strength™ Dixie Ultra Moments® Brunch

Our family has experienced a lot of big moments in the past few months. Our son George was born, we enjoyed the holidays as a family of four, lots of family events and work opportunities, and of course the most recent celebration was my daughter's fourth birthday just a few weeks ago. In between all of these major moments, we've done our best to take in life's little moments that are just as sweet....more