Georgia Pellegrini

Georgia has a down-home attitude when it comes cooking. Using artisanal methods that harken back to Grandma’s kitchen, she prepares dishes from wild foods, which she hunts and gathers herself. She's worked in two of America’s best farm-to-table restaurants, as well as in one of the premier destination restaurants in Provence, France. It was there that she decided it was time to really get at the heart of where our food comes from and head to the source -- Mother Nature. She set her sites on the cutting edge of culinary creativity intent on pushing the boundaries of American gastronomy, from field to stream to table.  Her new book,“Food Heroes,” has just arrived in stores. It tells the story of 16 culinary artisans across the globe who are fighting to preserve their food traditions. She currently roams the world, hunting, tasting good food and meeting the good people who make it. You can read more about her work at and ESPN Outdoors "The Kitchen."