Geraldine Ferraro: What Hillary's Women Want

Set aside the misunderstood gaffe earlier this year and the fact that she's sequestered to Fox News. Geraldine Ferraro is a national treasure. If all you know of her is her slip up earlier this year, please read her about her amazing battle with cancer--and how her fight to make cancer treament affordable for all!

In a piece from the Daily News, Ferraro offers today insights into what HIllary's women really want. Clue: Like all women--they are much more complex than anyone could image. But their desire for relevance is very much the same:

"It seems to me there are now three distinct groups of Hillary Clinton supporters.

The first are the PUMAs - which, as everyone now knows, stands for "Party Unity My A--." For them - and over the last two weeks I have received hundreds of letters from women who consider themselves PUMAs - nothing Hillary could say or do would move them. They are livid at the sexist way that Hillary was treated by the media, and even angrier at the Obama people, the Democratic National Committee and Howard Dean as chairman, for not speaking up against it....

A second group of Clinton supporters is those who chose her over Obama but who consider themselves good Democrats and will vote for the nominee....

That leaves the middle group. These are the women (and in smaller numbers, men) to whom Hillary was reaching out in her speech. They were on the fence; some of them remain there. They were disappointed when she didn't win the nomination and let down further when she wasn't chosen, apparently wasn't even seriously considered, to be Obama's running mate....


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