So, Riley just completed his speech/language session in a most awesome fashion and I've decided to "treat" him to a cookie and a drink from a local coffee shop. After I paid and collected our goodies I recognize Riley's "sneeze face." His mouth is wide open with eyes to match and his arm is high up in the air as if to say "I'll shield thee". Shield my butt!!  I have a panic jolt through me and "he is going to sneeze all over someone's food!" screaming in my head.  I quickly wrap my arm around him and put my hand about 4 inches or so from Riley's mouth waiting for the sneeze.  And with a polite smile and swift steps I usher him past each table.  Two older ladies enjoying their early supper delights were spared the wrath of my son's germs.  Some college gals drinking lattes got lucky as well.  We reached the door and bounded outside when at the very same moment I relaxed my hand, Riley sharpshooted a very loud productive sounding sneeze to his left.  Good thing, because two older women with walkers were sipping their teas cafe style to our right.  I did, however, forget about that pesky breeze.  Sorry ladies!

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