Get On The Brand-Wagon: Top 10 Brands That Promoted Positive Messages For Women – VOTE for your favorite



In recent years a bunch of big name brands have jumped into the feminist scene with some really positive messages for women. On one hand you could argue that now even feminism is being objectified for profit however, I think these ads are powerful conversation starters. Firstly, its nice to see feminism outside of academic women's studies departments and secondly, perhaps its an indication that your regular mainstream woman is ready to reclaim her movement of empowering women. VOTE NOW and let us know which is your favorite ad.

1. Pantene - "Sorry Not Sorry"  - VOTE HERE

I love this. Sorry Not Sorry is actually a scientifically proven fact and a really well made ad.



2. Hallo Flo - VOTE HERE

I highlighted this ad a while ago when it came out - check out what I said here but to summarize: "In reality, as much as our feminine physicality has often been portrayed as a weakness or even disability, there are certain quiet streams of thought that actually frame our periods as a time of liberation."



3. Verizon - "Inspire Her Mind" - VOTE HERE

What I really like about this one is that Verizon, itself a tech company, is working with MAKERS and Girls Who Code to actually do something to address the lower percentages of women involved in STEM. Check out 'Girls and Geeks' for the full story but summarized: 'Looking at the problems in the world - you need science and engineering to solve them. Why wouldn't we want women in those jobs?'




4. Dove - "Campaign for Real Beauty" - VOTE HERE

Almost 10 years ago Dove was really the first to jump on the feminism brand-wagon and, like Verizon, Dove has its own foundation that addresses self esteem. That being said, some of the ads are just a little patronizing at times and I'm not sure I'm so into being cast as such a tragic victim again and again and again.




5. Snickers - "You're Not Yourself When You Are Hungry" - VOTE HERE

So this one is a little confusing. If you don't get caught up in it then its a nice ad. On the other hand, the tag line is 'You aren't yourself when you are hungry'. Therefore, the ad suggests that Snickers will fill you up and turn you back into the sexist misogynistic d-bags you are 'meant to be'. Then again, either way, it is a powerful conversation starter and that why it makes my list.




6. Always - "#likeagirl" - VOTE HERE

This one is hot off the press and a little in the same vein as the Dove ads but I love the little girls and love the fact that it is not about what we look like.




7. Goldieblox - "Princess Machine" - VOTE HERE

I guess its cheating a bit to put this one in because Goldieblox isn't jumping on the brand-wagon - its building the wagon itself. Read more about this amazing company here.




8. Go Daddy - "Bodybuilder" - VOTE HERE

Its so nice to see a female small business owner! This is a great, not 'in your face' positive ad about a woman who is being successful!




9. Kotex - "Reality Check" - VOTE HERE

I like the fact that Kotex is up front and honest. I also really like the fact that their web-channel includes great videos like 'how to insert a tampon' as well as hysterical would-be viral videos 'help me choose' and 'buy me tampons'.




10. Diet Coke - "Diet Coke Break"- VOTE HERE

This was the first time that a man's body was objectified in prime-time to sell a product. I don't want anyone to think that judging a man by his appearance is any better than judging woman but this was a powerful media turning point - not a good point or a bad point just a turning point and that's why it makes my list.



Which is your favorite? -VOTE HERE