Get Exercising! Top Rated In Home Gym Equipment recently tested and ranked the top in-home gym equipment.  This is helpful because it’s nice to have some guidance when making such a serious investment.

Best performing treadmills they tested were:

-The NordicTrack C900 (folding) for runners.  It’s priced around id="mce_marker"000 and was considered reliable with good incline abilities and easy to read panels with ease of operation.

-Lifefitness F3Track (folding) at $3000 ranked at the top for walkers due to its 55-inch long deck.  You can transfer your information with its USB drive to your computer.

Best performing elliptical machines shown were:

-Octane Fitness Q35C priced around $2000.  It tested with a smooth ride, but doesn’t have a heart-rate control program, so it won’t automatically adjust resistance based on your heart rate.  Other recommended elliptical with a heart-rate program were

-The Diamondback 1260Ef, $2000

-The LifeFitness Q37ci retailing at $3500.

If cost is prohibiting you from creating in home workout opportunities, consider buying pre-owned equipment.  I recommend buying from a pre-owned sports store that may offer extended warranties for your purchase.  They also sell discounted weights, tubes, yoga equipment, sporting equipment, and weight lifting universal equipment.

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