Get Up Get Out of Bed!


Get Up..Get Out of Bed…It's 1987…..

But I don’t want to go to work…I have a baby.  I want to hang with her all day; I want to go to Playgroups;  I want to walk through the park with the other moms; I want to talk about the things they talk about;  I want to discuss what diapers they use, what their babies are eating, and what books they don’t have enough time to read but will get around to reading if their kids will ever nap.  I don’t want to be the mom who works, who commutes, and who sees her baby at night. They watch me as I leave.  They wonder if it’s my choice.  And so do I.

Get Up..Get Out of Bed…It's 1992…..

I can’t believe I have two in this small coop…I don’t want to drag the two of them to school and daycare.  I feel like sleeping in.  Oh wait!  I work from home today.  Thank God.   I can hang with the others today.  I can have lunch with them…Not sure we talk about the same things but today I want to…I want to be like them.  Two days a week, I am like them…sort of….I feel like I belong two days a week, of course.

 Get Up..Get Out of Bed…It's 1999…..

I have to get up early today.  I’m so excited. I have a presentation.  Where is my suit?  Oh here it is.  Where are my notes?  Oh no..My little one has a little fever.  She’s crying in her bed.  The heels come off.  I call the doctor. I make some soup. I lie down next to her and pull the covers up.  We aren’t getting out of bed today.

Get Up..Get Out of Bed…It's 2001…..

I stay home today.  The office is closed.  I work downtown.  It will be for a while.  So much has happened to our country in the last few days.  At this moment, I’m not sure I’m ever going in again.

Get Up..Get Out of Bed…It's 2009…..

Waking up…todays the day…the day of my promotion.  I am so proud. I kiss my husband and  I run to make my train on time.  Get my coffee, sit right down.  I find a seat…take out the paper…but I stare out the window, daydreaming.

Get Up..Get Out of Bed…It's 2014…..

Today I’m here working from home but  wait...where are my kids?  …One is working, one is in college…I text them to say good morning.  I look to call the other moms for lunch….some are working now, some are busy with book groups, volunteering, health clubs, and jobs.  And some have found their calling.  I smile when I realize we have made our choices..some were made for us….we have all survived and so have our kids……I pull the covers up and lie back down in bed.  I feel like we are one….



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