Get Healthy Challenge: Still on the Wagon


A few glitches on the Get Healthy Challenge, but I'm still here. Still on the wagon. Last week, one of my initial goals was to complete the 10 Day Master Cleanse.

Was I successful? Weeeell, yes and no. I completed 5 days. Now before you judge, let me explain.

Five days really was no problem. It was when I started looking at my cycle that the problems began. You see, I tried to call my doctor before I started the cleanse to make sure it was okay for me to do. I left a message on the first day. Well, the next day, we were hit with a snow storm, and as I figured, he didn't call back.

OK, maybe I should have stopped then, but I just couldn't deal with how I had been eating and how tight my clothes were. I just couldn't stand it another day. Now, I know me. I know I needed something drastic to get my eating back under control; there would be no 'easing in' for me. I had done this cleanse before, and it was a great experiences. So, I decided to take my chances and just do it. Anyway, I knew there was no way I was pregnant.

Well, I thought I knew. Don't get excited - no, I'm not pregnant - but I didn't know that last week around Day 5 of the cleanse. I checked the calendar again, and while I didn't know when I ovulated, I did know when my husband and I had BD. Based on when I ovulated on my last cycle before I got pregnant...well, it was a longshot, but yes, there was a chance I could be pregnant.

So, on Day 5, I freaked out. I mean, Freaked.Out. All I could think of was, 'What if I am pregnant? What did I do? Did I poison my baby? How do I fix this?????'

Of course, I ran to the ultimate source of authority (i.e. Google), trying to find some story of a woman who did a cleanse before she knew she was pregnant and everything turned out fine. Slim pickings. All I could find was recommendations not to do the cleanse if you are pregnant. Great. Just what my paranoid mind needed to see.

I was a lunatic: pacing the house, scouring the Internet...I couldn't think straight, I couldn't sit still, my mind was racing. My husband prayed with me (even though he thought I was insane), and out of desperation, I drove to Walgreens to get a pregnancy test, just to be sure. Aaaaand I came home without it - I realized when I got to the store that it would be no use - still too early to test.

I could hear my mother's voice echoing in my head: "For a girl who is so smart, where is your common sense???" I know, Mom, I know!! Why do I do these things?? What was I thinking???

So, at the end of that night, I had a glass of orange juice and I was done with the cleanse. I wanted to take the laxative tea to flush out any toxins I had stirred up, but Google told me that was bad for pregnant women, too. (Google, don't you ever have anything good to say??? #$)*%*&#$!!) So, I just left it alone. I started to eat lightly and healthily the next day and decided to let my body work it out.

For the first time in this infertility journey, I actually prayed to get my period.

The next day, I spotted. Cue Freak Out, Episode 2. Implantation bleeding??? Again, I began calculating every scenario furiously - every possible conception date and DPO and implantation date.

And the next day? AF arrived. Five days early. A 27 day cycle - my shortest ever.

Cue HUGE sigh of relief. Never so grateful to see her in all my life.

Whew. Lesson LEARNED.

So, back to the cleanse. (That's what we were talking about, wasn't it???) Was it successful?

Yes, for as long as I did it, and I only discontinued for because of the unknowns of my cycle. It's hard to know if I lost weight because AF always puts on a few pounds, but I will know in a day or two. I did feel great while doing it, and I was genuinely disappointed I couldn't do the full 10 days. My clothes are fitting better - closer to normal and not so tight, so I am thinking I lost in inches, at least.

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