Get Messy With This Monster Mushroom Burger

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Month of Burgers could not pass without incorporating a mushroom burger into the mix, and this Monster Mushroom Burger by Alison Lublink should not be missed. It starts with homemade burger buns, and ends with a multiple-napkin experience that's worth all the clean-up. Best of all, if you don't live somewhere with a grill (I count myself in that number, unfortunately...), you can still partake of this excellent "burger" experience.

The Monster Mushroom Burger

Seriously – I’ve been dreaming up a couple of different meatless burgers to try out this summer (and I’ll get to the others soon!), and last night was the night that I created “The Monster Mushroom Burger.”

It’s one of those burgers that you should probably only eat with people who truly love you and whom you truly love. Why? Because it’s ohhhhhhh-so-delicious…but ohhhhhhh-so-messy. In a delightfully fantastic way!

Monster Mushroom Burger

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Image credit: Alison Lublink, used by permission.

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