Get off my Land and Leave my Family Alone!


Our government and yes, I mean our government, is trying to find anyway that it can to say that they can do a better job of raising our children!  “I am so angry, I could just spit!” as my grandfather would say.   In another attempt to tell us how to raise our children, a new legislation is on the table that would prohibit children for doing farming chores on their family’s farm, on their own land, if the government deems it hazardous.  Here is the link to the article: Child Labor Laws | Farming | Department of Labor | The Daily Caller.


Everyone should and must read this!  “Why?  I don’t own a farm, so it doesn’t pertain to me,” you might say.  But it does pertain to you!  This bill could and will effect every farmer you know; from the family that sells its eggs, veggies and meats at the local farmers market to the slightly bigger local farms that supply your local grocery store.  These wouldn’t and can’t survive without the help of their children, unless they make millions and I don’t know any farmers that do.


What concerns me besides the effect that this will have on family farms, is the potential reach it could have elsewhere.  We have a “City Farm”.  By that I mean we live in our tiny town’s city limits and we have a garden and will be getting chickens at some point soon.  This is my 13 year old daughter’s dream to have chickens.  But they are a type of livestock and produce a raw product and so does my garden.  Will the government step in at some point and say that my children shouldn’t be working in the garden or taking care of the chickens?  What about using the lawn mower or power tools here around my home?  What about my oldest daughter’s best friend that wants to show animals as a way of helping her pay for college?  What about her friends that show horses or grow that prize winning giant pumpkin?

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