Get Natural Beauty By Using This Cream

That or do it yourself and I talked about this before that these are mass that I’ve collected from women that I’ve met there from other countries and stuff like that so I'm really excited to bring you this part of the video cut I know everybody is the leading for the vitamin C but today described is made up of coconut oil and baking soda okay and it's very simple its equal parts so I took a half I think I have teaspoon here what is this it's one teaspoon I have come get an oil and 1 teaspoon of baking Ageless Health Solution soda now if you live in a climate where you are coconut oil is liquefied all the time you might want to put it in the fridge in let it harden so that you can get this case the consistency I'm from you are will scrap okay so I’m just going to continue on its very gentle the palm coconut oil has many benefits to the skin he and I've mentioned them all before I view I use coconut oil in here mask everything in the baking soda just yes a very mild exfoliation so I'm just going to exfoliate you can use this and none of it is toxics forget your mouth no video or getting a ride because other baking soda okay so I'm just gonad a very gentle and I do mean gentle exfoliation and now we are going to get on I wagons leave this summer skin well I talk about the serum.


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