Get NTune with Monster Headphones

Update 11/7/2013: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks for your interest in this promotion. You can still read the bloggers' reviews by clicking on their links .

As the world’s leading designer of high-end audio, Monster Products have become the latest must-haves for the modern, tech-savvy woman. From the coolest headphones to accessories for mobile, tablets and more, Monster puts some serious sizzle in today’s consumer electronics. 

Having revolutionized the world of sound with the debut of Beats, Monster never settles but continues to push the bar, raising it with innovative new designs. But it’s never just about the fashion—Monster’s engineers have advanced the very technology behind their high performance sound.

There’s a Monster headphone to suit all your lifestyle needs. The colors of your music are candy-matched to the colors of your N-Tunes. Bright. Bold. In your face headphones with a super sweet on-ear design. For workouts, the consistently high rated iSport lets you play music or take calls in total and complete comfort, no matter what the sport. Super glam moments require the serious bling of Diamond Tears that look as brilliant as they sound. And traveling is almost effortless with the noise-canceling Inspiration headphones tucked in a carry-on—ideal for work and pleasure. Even better, you can switch out the headband from a range of cool new styles.

Whichever Monster headphone style you choose, you can count on serious audio performance while rocking a unique, disruptive look that’s all your own.

100 bloggers recently reviewed the NTunes headphones and are giving them away to 25 lucky readers. Check out the reviews and tell us your favorite NTunes Candy color in the comments and you could win a pair for yourself!

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Pass The Headphones

The children love playing music (Zoe) and playing Minecraft (Troy) when they have screen time. I do not love listening to them do either one while I am trying to work and that's why I was all, "Yes, please" when Monster offered to send us a pair of the N-Tune headphones to check out....more

The One Where I Review Monster Headphones For You.

My headphones have been broken for a couple of weeks now. So, I've been doing what any mother in my position would do. I've been snaking my daughter's old giant, pink headphones from her room while she's at school and using them. They are awful, but they get the job done. However, my daughter is not too pleased with my solution to my Broken Headphones Problem. I almost always forget to put them back in her room before she gets home from school and she gets soooo annoyed when she goes to use them....more

Monster NTune Headphones

Welcome to my office!Wait.  Your office doesn't come with a kitchen sink, counters, and cabinets full of glasses, plates, and snacks?Yeah so my office also happens to be my kitchen.Besides the fact that it's the only real option for us right now, it actually does kind of work nicely. ...more

I Wore Headphones To Work

If you're new here, let me catch you up to speed on one of my most favorite things real fast. That thing would be music and I'm all about it. I'm constantly updating my playlists on Spotify and every Friday here in Yoga Pants-ville I invite all of blog land to come share the songs they're currently #backthatazzup-ing to. When I'm running the only thing that keeps me going is music, when I'm driving the only thing that keeps me awake and away from boredom is music, when I'm getting ready the only thing that convinces me to actually stand in my sauna of a bathroom is music....more

Monster NTune Headphones Giveaway

Today I GET to tell you about these N-Tune headphones.Before I tell you very much about them let me tell you a little back story. Sometimes I'm a big skeptic. I look at things and see the price and say, there is no way that is worth that much money. I'm sure we all do this. When the opportunity came along for me to try out and tell you about the N-Tune headphones I was really excited, this is one of those products that I have definitely been very skeptical about....more

Teaching Toddlers with a Listening Center

If you have a toddler, then you probably understand how excited they are about books! As parents, it is our job to foster that excitement and nurture a love for reading! There are several ways that you can promote learning and literacy at home! Not sure what literacy is?...more

Monster Sound From Monster

I know exactly when my pair of  N-Tune HD Headphones with Attitude arrived. It was the morning of Tuesday, September 17 but when the box arrived I didn't open it. I couldn't remember having ordered anything and I put it aside. My mind was elsewhere. The night before I'd discovered my basement had flooded. I'd become one of many victims of the Colorado flooding and that day we were going to be ripping out carpet and mopping up. About ten hours later, tired and exhausted from the day, I opened the package and found the headphones. It was a lovely surprise....more

Tunes in style: Monster headphones

Oh, how our ability to listen to music has changed over time. I remember getting excited for my very first Walkman...followed by the ever-popular Discman when CDs became popular. Then...on to the iPod. Currently, I've even outgrown that device. I find myself listening to music on my iPhone, iPad, and on my computer. Instead of downloading music nowadays, I tend to stream my favorites through sites like Pandora, Grooveshark, and more....more

These Headphones Make Me Look Awesome

As all of you know, I am obsessed with music and I listen to it probably 8-10 hours of the day. A majority of that is when I'm at work and I'm sitting at my desk listening to my beloved Spotify playlists. I also listen to music when I'm in my car and when I'm working out. ...more

Am I cool enough for these?

If it weren't for my cool, 15 year old little brother, I wouldn't know anything about headphones. Between the two of us, Jon and I have drawer full of the free headphones that came with our iPhones, iPad, iPods, etc. but we've never really bought a "nice" pair....more