Get Outdoors and Grow Your Own Vegetables

How often do you consider the journey of your fruit and vegetables? They’ve been sowed into soil and carefully tended to, before being harvested and transported for your roast dinner. If you simply purchase your vegetables from a supermarket, your personal link to these products may not be high; and maybe almost disposable, as they only just came off a shelf, and then made it into your trolley, the boot of the car, and then the fridge.


Growing your own fruit, vegetables, flowers, and herbs, can be a great way to get back in touch with nature while producing food for your own table. The great part about it is that anyone can grow their own vegetables, regardless of the space you have outdoors at your home. Imagine your Sunday roast dinner again, only this time you’ve spent a couple of enjoyable hours outside in the weekend sunshine lovingly collecting your produce from the earth. We’re here to let you know what to grow, and where to grow it.


Large garden or plot

With a large area of land you can produce your vegetable dreams. Of course it can get much more complex than this, with irrigation, green houses, compost areas, and an orchard for fruit. With this you will want to have garden insurance to protect your dining livelihood. With a large space, the sky is really the limit when you choose what to grow.


Small to medium garden or plot

If you have a smaller space, you might want to leave part of your garden for leisure and part of it for your vegetable efforts. Plant herbs among your flowers, and set aside a little plot of land for potatoes or peas and beans. Having one apple tree will let the sun shine into the rest of your garden, but will also create a bit of shade for those hot summer days.


Windowsill or balcony

Even if you don’t have much – or any – space to grow vegetables outdoors at home, you can still choose to do this on a balcony or windowsill. As places like this do not always get the benefit of rain, you will have to remember to water them yourself. Ideal plants for windowsills and balconies include tomatoes and herbs. Herbs are especially great as they are close by while you are in the kitchen preparing your dinner!


Land share

If you don’t have the space to meet all of your fruit and vegetable dreams, check out websites that encourage land shares. Channel 4 has a land share website[1] which connects land owners with potential growers and helpers (and vice versa); sites like these really help both parties. Here you may become part of a team on a patch of land, and could end up making lots of new friends as well as healthy food for your dinner.



Ashton Mapletoft writes a number of articles on gardens and garden insurance.

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