Get Over Myself by Being Present in this Moment

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My girls went out for happy hour last night. I had to stay home. My husband requested that I do. He wasn’t being unreasonable in his request. I mean he did just have outpatient surgery and all.

I made dinner like a good little wife and mommy. My husband said he wasn’t very hungry. My son turned his nose up at what I cooked. I told them that I sure was glad I stayed home to cook dinner for them… in a rather sarcastic tone.

I was upset. I kept thinking about my girls enjoying themselves and laughing until they pee their pants… because that’s what we do. I was thinking about how the manager would come over to tell us we were too loud… because that’s what he does. I was thinking about how the food would have been appreciated… unlike at home.

I was annoyed by my responsibilities. I was pouting about the expectations that my loved ones had of me. I was being selfish. I needed to get over myself.

Then, I realized that I had a choice to make. I could either dwell in what I was missing out on or I could be in the moment of what was actually going on. My boys needed me at home… in the present moment.

I packed away the denied and rejected dinner. I asked my son to play a game of chess. We talked about how life is like a game of chess. We thought of different analogies. I pampered my husband with love and understanding. Made us all a cup of hot tea. I pushed my son on the swing out back… we even made up a new tandem swing move. It was pretty amazing if I might say so myself. I think we might join the circus.


I arrived at the present moment just in time.

And, just like that… my night turned around. It wasn’t until I could get over myself that I could see what was needed from me. That’s what being a wife and mommy is about … putting others before you. Really though… that’s what life is about. If we focus outwardly instead of inwardly we can change our perspective on a lot of things in life. We can begin to give more of ourselves to those who need it. We can be present in this moment. Because, really, that’s the only moment that matters!


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