Get Plastic Surgery…Because You’ve ‘Earned’ It. Say What?

I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I read the fashion blog penned by the infamous, unbelievably popular, Singaporean ingenue, XiaXue.  Reading her blog was hard at first, but, with enough concentration, I could ignore the author’s bleached blonde hair, baby blue contacts and unnaturally pale skin (all visible thanks to the huge self-portrait that adorns her site’s banner) and pay attention to its content.  Occasionally, the content is useful. For example, XiaXue’s in-depth breakdown of how to use Invisalign, or her critical reviews of how certain skin care products may not be all that they’re cracked up to be were well done.  But, after reading her article “Pysche of a Plastic,” my room was filled with the sound of my head repeatedly hitting the desk in front of me.


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