Get Rich Quick Internet Scams

I was watching this TV show early this morning, "Get Rich quick by *insert the name of that infamous scammer here*", the program that promises the potential customers to earn millions of dollars in internet with no previous experience. How do you like that? The cost for purchasing this product is $39.99 and they offer money back if not satisfied. Only $39.99 and money back, how bad could it get, right? WRONG!!!

I did some research immediately and found out that this product is a complete scam. I learnt that they initially make you pay $39.99, and continue to charge you $39.99 every month so you can continue using the websites they set up. You wonder why you are not making any money and if you ever make the mistake of calling the customer service, that's the end of it! They will try to sell you products that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars and supposedly will enhance your websites. The sad part is, you still wouldn’t be making any money.

The end result is, the customers just end up losing their time and hard earned money. One of their previous customers also warns that, once you give out your credit card information, they can charge all the money in that account. I also heard that returning their product is not as easy as it seems. One of their customers is getting half of what he has paid, after almost 1 year of consistent calls and struggles. Initially when you get suckered and pay these scammers, the customer services is so great, but just try getting the money back and see what happens. Everything turns so ugly all of the sudden.

We can't help but think, Can they actually scam us like this and advertise in the Television like this legally? Apparently they can! It turns out that scammers can do whatever the heck they want and we just have to watch our backs. It's natural for us to think that the Government or the legal system would do something to prevent all these scams right? We can just keep dreaming! Laws and rules are for regular folks like us, not for them.

These scammers remind me of the credit card companies, they abuse the American population whatever way possible. The sad part is, people that are already suffering from lay offs and recession are getting victimized by these scammers. How can they be so heartless? How can they sleep in the night after making so many people miserable? I will never understand and don't even want to. Makes me very sad! The least I can do is to write about this in my blog. I am also going to talk about this whenever possible, to keep others informed.

Here is the secret, THERE IS NO WAY TO GET RICH QUICK!!! When we take a look at the background of millionaires - hard work, persistence and a little luck has almost always paid off. Becoming a overnight millionaire just doesn't work, all these programs just help these scammers to get rich, that's all.


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