Get rid of slugs in a safe, effective and natural way!

Love gardening but hate slugs?

Have you tried all the 'natural' ways to get rid of slugs, but still failed?

Then I have good news for you!

years of experience of losing my seedlings to our slimy friends, and
never finding any form of successful natural pest control on my wet,
clay soil (aka slug heaven) I finally found a solution.

Here are some of the reasons why I love this method of natural slug control:

  • It's safe to use around kids and pets
  • It's friendly to hedgehogs and chickens (who might otherwise eat
    slugs that have been poisoned and ned up rather the worse for wear)
  • It's environment friendly- no toxic chemicals polluting the soil, air or water
  • It's safe to spray on your plants and then for YOU to eat the crop
  • It doesn't KILL slugs, so is great for keeping your conscience or vegan principles intact
  • It's economical to use

Most of all

  • It WORKS!

This wonder ingredient works by interrupting the breeding and feeding patterns of slugs. Basically, it renders them infertile.

Less slug rumpy pumpy going on in your backyard means less baby slugs devouring your prize crops!

You've probably heard of the product, it's called NEEM OIL.

is derived from the neem tree, which is a wonderful tree with many
great properties. Neem oil has a powerful active component called
azadirachtin - a powerful insecticide and pesticide.

To use neem oil to reduce slug damage in your garden:

Mix together
2 tbsp neem oil
1 ltr hot water
1 tbsp of washing liquid

Agitate the mixture until the ingredients are well mixed and spray onto the seedlings that your slugs love to munch the most.

if it rains; reapply the following day. once your seedling have
grown past the danger stage, there is no need to keep applying the mix.

What about you - have you tried neem oil for getting rid of slugs? How
did you get on? Perhaps you have another natural method to share with
us which is effective?

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