Get Social Media to find Better Jobs and Improve Business For You

The social media platform is no longer meant for exchanging pleasantries with friends and family. It has evolved as an important media where one has access to the latest job opportunities, and a great way to promote your business. One could not have imagined such a scenario even a decade ago. Today businesses have Facebook and Twitter profiles, and even Instagram feeds that help them expand their businesses phenomenally. Well, Facebook just did not exist then and business was as usual, at a sedate pace with few people venturing out on their own.

Changing scenarios

With rapid changes taking place with the advent of a strong presence of the social media, one wonders what changes we are in store for in the coming years. People share information on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter at the drop of a hat and cultivate huge following that helps them promote their brands in a big way. Once posted on Facebook some of the posts become viral and are shared and re-shared until they virtually reach millions. No one really knows the extent to which some posts go.

Social Media and business

If one were to go by the observations of Sandy Carter, General Manager of IBM (Ecosystems), and Social Business promoter one can expect many more far reaching changes in the near future. She is an expert in social business and an author who works relentlessly to keep her company abreast of the latest trends in technology, and how the technology can be applied practically to help the workforce increase their productivity. She further goes to explain what exactly “social business” is and how it can benefit not just the giant corporations, but several startups and other small and medium businesses.

As important and indispensable as the Internet

There is no arguing with the fact that the Internet has impacted not just the people, but how companies have changed their way of operating. Today, it is almost next to impossible to get anything done without the Internet. Websites have become like emails. Many tiny businesses and independent individuals have started owning websites.  A similar kind of situation is evolving in the social media scene as well, where in the foreseeable future no company will be able to keep up unless they make their presence felt in the social media platform.

Impacting every aspect of business

With every aspect of business, be it sales or marketing or HR, or product development, and new product launches – all are dependent on the social functions that have been incorporated in everyday business today. It is almost impossible to think, communicate or work and collaborator with partners and share the business expertise and acumen without being impacted by social media. The business today use social media tools to feel the pulse of the customers and to bring in new innovations that help them identify new opportunities and markets for their products.

Social networking and employees

Though IBM is such a huge conglomerate, it uses the social networking platform to reach out better. They make sure that every single employee has a social network page. They are also allowed access to information sources internally and encouraged to read the community blogs, message their peers through IMs, which helps them bond as one whole community. This is only because the management takes social networking very seriously and applies it to develop new products and services, in addition to enhancing the existing ones.

They also believe that social networking is very effective in creating awareness among their clients and lets them stay connected with them. Training a new generation of leaders for the future is another area that is being successfully explored. The corporate culture created by social networking is another important aspect of the social strategy that is being adopted by the companies today. This new type of culture ably supports collaboration and makes sharing a lot easier. Instant access and communication is probably one of the major plus points with social networking in business.

Corporate culture

Going a step forward, social networking needs to be made a part of corporate culture, and should find a prominent place at the various training programs in the company. Though changing the existing culture may prove to be a hurdle initially, when the efforts are put in from all concerned, it should prove to be workable. Social networking also helps attracting new hires with a better retention percentage. The hiring, recruitment and retention processes need to undergo a change and embrace the social media platform and use the tools effectively for overall benefit. Most hiring processes and formalities are completed online, with prospective candidates being quickly led through surveys that help the recruiters identify if they possess the requisite skills for the particular job.

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