Get in Touch with Your Masculine Side - Book a Prana Play Date!

I have a girlfriend whom I trust immensely.  She has a big heart, and she’s highly intuitive.  She sent me an e-mail that said I have to meet this young guy who’s a friend of hers.  She said he and I are both on similar journeys, and we could learn a lot from each other.

I hesitated.  I thought, I really couldn’t contact him; because, well, I’m married and how would that look?  He doesn’t even know me.  What if he thinks I’m hitting on him?  What if someone I know sees me with this guy ?  What if . . .?

And then I stopped that annoying voice inside of me.  And I recalled when my kids were in kindergarten.  They had play dates all the time with their friends of the same sex and the opposite sex.  We’d meet people at the park or at the playground, and they would instantly become friends, and we would schedule another play date for next week.

It was beautiful, because it was all about fun and play, with no strings attached.  The question of:  “is it appropriate for little girls to play with little boys?” never even crossed our minds.

So, I decided to take this approach whenever people – male or female -- are introduced to me, and I get the nudge to have further conversations with them.

The first thing I did was change the script in my brain.  In the spirit of kindergarten, I called these meet-ups prana play dates, and I focused on having fun meeting new people who share my energetic vibrations.

If someone is recommended to me, or someone comes into my life, and we have an enlightening conversation, it’s a gift – and always, they have something to teach me.

So now I honor that great feeling of spiritual connection.  I book prana play dates all the time – with both women and men.  Most of the time, people are delighted to accept my invitation to meet for coffee.  I usually gain a new friend, who gives me advice or a lesson that I could not have learned any other way.  Sometimes, people will say no to my invitation.  And I accept that it’s not the right time.

Here are some benefits and cautions you should consider when booking your prana play dates:

  • A prana play date is a spiritual connection.  It’s about soul-level learning through discovery, fun and playful conversations.  That’s the intention I set before I invite someone to meet.  If that intention is not coming through clearly on both sides, I don’t schedule a meeting.
  • When someone is referred to me by a friend who knows me well, it's usually a gift from the universe in the form of someone who has experience or knowledge in an area in which I need help at this moment.
  • Prana play dates with the opposite sex can be very valuable.  I struggle to balance my feminine and masculine energies; the yin and yang of my being.  It's wonderful to hear a different masculine perspective on spirituality, and it informs my own approach to balance and peace in my life.
  • It’s like kindergarten.  The intention is to have fun.  If there’s a different intention involved, then it’s not a prana play date, it’s something else.

I’m speaking from the expansive space that says we are all spiritual beings in physical bodies.  Our prana helps us connect as spiritual beings.

Imagine what we miss, when we don’t honor the nudge to have a conversation with someone who elevates our spirit?

Btw -- I did reach out to the guy my friend referred me to.  That was 2 years ago.  We’re now great friends, and we still meet regularly for prana play dates.  He's no longer single (he has a serious girlfriend now) and he and I continue to be on a similar journey.  And I’ve learned sooooo much from him. 


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