6 Ways to Winterize Your Baby!

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Winter has officially hit my city. I am pretty much ready for winter. There are a few things I could use or could use to upgrade but I'm basically set. I'm sure if you have experienced winter before then you could easily guess what you need to get for your little one to stay warm this season, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to share a few awesome items I have come across online that might inspire your winter shopping!

All the items I have found, you could easily find for cheaper but I just loved all the items that I figured I would put them up anyways! I selected a lot of girly products but if you peruse the websites that I have linked to, you will find lots of adorable weather wear for boys as well.

6 Ways to Winterize Your Baby! #1. I have a crappy stroller. I got it for free, and we never bothered to get a better one even though this one has terrible wheels, pulls to the left, and one safety is broken. We will need to find another, better stroller one soon because the one we have just isn't cutting it for the snow. We need one with some good, sturdy wheels and allows H to actually sit up more instead of laying backwards. H likes to be able to see what's going on, which is difficult when you are laying down, and she doesn't particularly like being bumped around all over the place which happens a lot because we have tiny itty bitty wheels on our stroller.

#2. A snow suit is essential. I'm sure you didn't need to be told that, but I found this one and thought OMG, this so so adorable! If your baby isn't walking yet or your only going out for a stroller ride, this snow suit is perfect when paired with a blanket.I use one like this for H, and I love it!

#3. If your baby is walking, this might be a better option for a snow suit. Even if your baby isn't walking yet you might like to have a snow suit like this is you want to go on sled rides or if you tend to spend a fair amount of time outside in the winter. This one doesn't require a blanket to be paired with it, it is better insulated.

#4. These boots would be great for babies that are walking. They have the comfort of a bootie but they will protect your tiny baby's feet from the elements. They are so adorable and there are a few different styles to choose from.

#5. These boots are made for more indoor use, but I would get them for this winter for H because she isn't walking and they would provide enough warmth for when we are going out shopping or to put on her feet before I put her snow suit on to provide extra protection. I find her snow suit and socks are not enough to keep her tiny feet warm. Robeez are fantastic! I absolutely love their products, they go on so well and stay on better than shoes or boots that have a firm design to them.

#6. Everyone needs a good toque and pair of mittens for the cold weather. I love this pair and the best part is that the toque really comes down over the ears so you don't have to make sure to pull the toque down super far to cover the little ears. Plus it has a Velcro attachment at the bottom to help keep it on for babies that are always pulling hats of their heads, which H is notorious for.

I hope you enjoy the products here that I have shared with you! These may even make great presents for those of you without babies, but have friends or family members with a baby.  


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