Gettin' saucy with apples

I came home from the fruit market with a bushel of apples. They were Molly Delicious — ripe, juicy and destined to be classified as seconds, also known as not perfect. It could also mean overly ripe, spotted or bruised. Seconds are ideal for making applesauce. Outer beauty doesn't really matter when you're going to smash them up anyway!

Money-saving tip: When making applesauce or pie filling, ask your produce supplier if they have seconds for sale. Once removed of their skins, you'll find the apple inside to be just fine. And if blemishes bother you, simply slice off the bruised portion.

To begin, you'll need apples, of course, and these two items: a food mill and an apple corer/divider.

food mill

You don't HAVE to have these two items — some people have even fancier tools to make applesauce. This is what I use, though, and it makes the job pretty simple. One thing I want to make clear right away: you do not have to peel the apples. 




To make your own batch of tasty applesauce easily, visit Farmgirl Follies for complete step-by-step instructions.