Getting ACLS Certified – The Benefits to You

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is a set of procedures that medical professionals follow when a patient requires urgent attention for a heart condition that is life threatening. To become an ACLS provider, the person must have the knowledge and training to intervene and deploy his or her skills for treating the patient. Qualified health care professionals are required to undergo a certification program specially made for the purpose. In the United States ACLS guidelines are developed by the American Heart Association (AHA).

Qualified medical professionals undergo training as per the guidelines of their chosen training center before they are ACLS certified. The guidelines contain several algorithms. Here are the algorithm types included in the guidelines - Cardiac Arrest Algorithm, Acute Coronary Syndromes Algorithm, PEA/Asystole Algorithm, VF/Pulseless VT Algorithm, Bradycardia Algorithm, Tachycardia Algorithms and Suspected Stroke Algorithm.

The course provided by ACLS Medical Training is self-directed and is imparted in eLearning environmentally realistic scenarios. Students receive dynamic lessons in which they assess patients, decide on a course of action, come up with a plan and finally provide the required treatment.

What ACLS Certification Does to You?

At the end of the program the student will be able to:

  1. Recognize the patient’s condition and commence an early course of treatment appropriate to resuscitate
  2. Demonstrate abilities pertaining to chest compression and be able to use the automated external defibrillator
  3. Recognize respirator arrest and be able to manage it
  4. Manage cardiac conditions in a professional way
  5. Take initiatives to manage acute coronary syndromes
  6. Be able to assume leadership role in a team and more is one of the most well respected online training centers to study ACLS online. It is one of the few places where you can receive first rate online training and education. The resources available are vast and extensive, and are preferred both by first time seekers as well as veterans who are simply seeking to renew their ACLS certification.

The ACLS online course is particularly helpful because it is comprehensive, deviates from traditional training methods and uses the latest technologies; it is hassle free and does not have any impediments. By choosing the online program you will also save money compared to traditional brick and mortar classes.

Getting the ACLS Certification in 5 Simple Steps

Obtaining your certification is a fairly straight forward process and can be accomplished in 5 simple steps.

  1. You begin by signing up for the certification course (or recertification if you already have it) online. You can seek training online by choosing an appropriate education provider.
  2. You study the manual supplied by the provider and undergo practical training and take an exam.
  3. Once you are confident you take the exam. It can be for the first time certification or for recertification. Generally a certification is valid for 2 years and is due for recertification at the end of this period.
  4. You can choose to retake the exam if you don’t go thru the exam successfully. As such there is no restriction on the number of times you can retake the exam.
  5. You receive the card from the certification provider both in your email and via standard mail. You are now ACLS certified.

Benefits You Will Enjoy with your Certification Card

Here are the benefits that accrue to you upon obtaining your certification card.

  1. Your competence will be recognized by your employer and you get paid better than those without it
  2. You certification is valid for 2 years and you will be free to practice that long without any hassle

There is a fee for the education and certification conducted by ACLS training providers. Your training institution may conduct several other exams before you are ready for the more complex ACLS exam, but those exams are for internal assessment and do not have any bearing upon the final outcome of your certification.  


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