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What a week it has been! We have fought nasty sickness at my house lately. First my oldest came down with a cold she picked up at school, and it has spread like wildfire down the ranks. Hopefully, it ends with my husband and I who are both presently suffering it, but one never knows in a house full of little 'uns. It can always recycle itself.


But, on to more optimistic news. The local fair is in town! Whoo hoo! October is always an exciting time in Laurel. There's the fair, fall festivals and Halloween. The fair is "stuff yourself silly and make yourself sick" fantastic fun. I know, sounds awful. But it's the one time of the year that, despite the fact that I know I'm going to suffer that night, I go for it with gusto because who can turn down funnel cakes, cotton candy, chicken on a stick, corn dogs, candy apples, and taffy. Nuh uh, not me. No turning it down here. And I will post pics! Of the fair and fun, not the suffering afterwards. lol.


After the fair, my sister has planned a bonfire and hayride for the kiddos on her fiance's land. It should be an awesome time, and I really look forward to it. Not to mention, this Saturday is also my husband's 34th birthday. I have no idea what I'm going to get him although he is one of the easiest people in the world to shop for as he is obsessed with Steeler's football (We have a display case dedicated to this team in my living room). Before we were married, his entire home was a Steeler's shrine. I have managed to weed it down some. We still have it all, just not all on display. :)


And then there is Halloween! My girls are all going as bugs this year. My oldest will be a lady bug, my middle child is a butterfly, and my youngest is going to be an adorable plump bumblebee. I'm planning a trip to the pumpkin patch down the road this next weekend, and I hope to have their pics taken in their costumes by the amazing photographer Audrey Welch.


And that has been our week in a nutshell.


For now, I am sitting at home, the sun is shining, the humidifiers are going, another pot of coffee is dripping, and I am working a bit on some data entry, parts of Ransom (Book 2 in the Redemption series), and a little on a Fantasy series I've been tweeking for a while.


I'm not sure what I find so fascinating about writing fantasy and paranormal. It is not the genre I limit my reading to although it is the one I prefer. I am also a huge fan of historical romance, romance, and some thrillers if done right. I also like the occasional Christian inspirational. But, for some reason, I have felt led to write fantasy and paranormal. I think this has something to do with having children, as strange as that sounds. For example, the sand man story at the beginning of Redemption is a story I made up one night while trying to get my oldest to sleep. We spend a lot of nights making up stories together, and I find that a child's imagination is so much better than an adult's in so many ways. There is no limit to what their heroes can do. There is no limit of fantastical things they believe exists in the world. There is no limit to their excitement. And this is the reason why I find the paranormal/fantasy realm so beguiling. There is no limit to what I can do with it.


And while one may think the emotions of characters in paranormal/fantasy aren't as in depth as characters in a more traditional novel, I have discovered in my own reading and writing that this is not so. If anything, the emotions are more complex. I noted in a forum I was visiting the other day that the most important characters to me aren't the main characters in a book, it is the smaller supporting roles. Without well-developed, interesting smaller characters, a story would not move smoothly. It would not be rounded out enough to succeed. The main characters create a book, the supporting characters carry it.


That said, I suppose I will sign off for now (I hear my youngest waking up from her nap), and I will check in later. I am considering baking a ton of cookies from the tubs of cookie dough I bought from my daughter's fundraiser wile burning some fall candles and enjoying the fact that I can breathe without hacking for the first time in three days. lol. Tata for now. Much love and bigs hugs!


R.K. Ryals

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