Getting back in shape means having to push myself.

Recently, I held K in my arms and was arching my back too much.  It made my mommy gut (What?  I don’t have THAT.  Who said that?!  Don’t listen to her!) disappear.  Standing with my stomach muscles nice n’ taut, he knocked on it asking, “Mommy, why is your tummy so hard?”  Smiling, I replied, I’m leaning back so it’s making my stomach muscles tighten.  But I knew that I was working hard on my core and maybe I wasn’t leaning back all that much.  Maybe that unsightly area was disappearing.


While getting dressed the very next day, K smiled and ran to my naked tum and kissed it, as he always does when he sees it.  Happily, he sang to me, “Mommy, your tummy is so BIG and FAT!  I LOVE IT.”  It made HIS day.


I’ve been doing mommy boot camp every Saturday at 8 a.m. in N. Rochelle, outdoors, running up and down hills, leaping, crunching, pushing up, kicking ass.  The 6-week commitment ended and I don’t push myself alone like the trainer does in class.  I’m a kinder, gentler trainer.  Alone, I do what I like to do, but without the scrutiny of others and the motivational strength in numbers, I can see my big, fat Greek tummy hanging around longer than I’d like.  And when my tummy hangs around the house...During the 6-week course, I was also getting together with a friend 1 other day of the week to work on our core and get in some cardio.  Again, I had someone to answer to and if she tried to cancel, I’d push her to not wimp out.  Because I was only meeting with her once a week at most, missing that Saturday class meant missing a true work out on my body.  I wanted and needed the guidance and liked seeing results.  That was motivation enough for me to drive up from Long Island to N. Rochelle at 7 a.m. 2 out of the 6 times I had this class so that I could do something for myself that made me feel powerful and smart, healthy and sexy.  Folks thought I was nuts making the drive but I was determined and that goes a long way.  If I knew that I worked out several times a week, taking classes, heading to a gym, missing one Saturday morning boot camp wouldn’t have meant much to me, but it was pretty much everything.  In fact, it was my only means of pushing myself in a very positive way.  And those endorphins are so addictive, aren’t they?


At home, I try to do at least something that I learned in this class but I’m not doing it to the point of breaking down, as I did one Saturday after no sleep thanks to our son’s congestion keeping him up alllll night long.  I cried when I did deep lunges – while I was asked to “Hold it!  Hold it!”  My body screamed, “What the fart are you doing?!”  It had never been pushed beyond what it could handle.  Enter tears, chased by a bear.  I snarled and growled, “I’m FINE.  Let’s move on,” and we did.


I’m a tiny woman so when my female colleagues hear me discuss how I’m trying to tighten my stomach muscles, they always comment, “But it’s nothing.  You’re so small.”  Yes, I’m not a large woman, but even tiny women who have children put their bodies through the same stretching and weight-bearing that changes a woman’s body.  Things. Are. Just. Not. The. Same.  And it’s alright for me to want to work out and try to get back to the pre-pregnancy tummy that I sadly do believe can never happen, but a gal can dream, can’t she?  I don’t think I’m delusional about it, but hopeful.  I’ve seen other women bear children and get their body back to where they want it so it’s not impossible.  I need to make it a top priority but it’s not.  It’s high on my list of desires but it’s not #1.  I am slowly getting there, but need to take into consideration my unfortunately sedentary desk job, my age and eating habits, as well.


I still enjoy working out via dancing more than anything else, but that boot camp rocks my world.  I need to get back to it.  Who’s with me?!  Oh, come on.  You know you want it.


What are your work out rituals and ways in which you motivate yourself?



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