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Close up of a pumpkin picture on a brown paper bag

Virginia recently posted a comment on Nordette's post about collections that said something like "what about things people collect FOR you"... and I could relate to that. People have always collected things for me, usually because I make the mistake of telling them that I like "something". I am somewhat afraid that this is what is about to happen to me and pumpkins.

My friend idyllicchick has enjoyed sending me pumpkin links. She's enjoyed it so much that I'm pretty sure she's going to send them to me for the rest of my life. That kind of scares me, even if the links she sends are amazing.

Like this one, that caused me to feel some regret that I no longer work for a large company based in Atlanta... it was a very brief moment of regret but still a frightening moment. But tell me, who wouldn't want to head to Atlanta for this pumpkin cake from Highland Bakery? It's gorgeous. And as someone in the comments said, how could you ever cut into anything so pretty?

And then there's the hamburger pumpkin, also sent by the glorious Sharon. Interesting, eh? But it sort of made me queasy.

I'm a little surprised that Sharon did not send me this link to the pumpkin hat, fiber enthusiast that she is. Maybe she knows that I don't DO hats?

And while I don't do hats, I think these hats are cute and I could see some of my kids wearing them.

Speaking of kids, this pumpkin baby causes me to crave a baby of my own. Thank goodness I have become good at ignoring baby cravings.

It's been fun, the month of pumpkins thing... but folks, really... enough already with the pumpkin links... kthxbai!

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