Getting to Happy Wasn't What I Wanted

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Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan was very quick and easy read. It continues the stories of Savannah, Gloria, Bernadine, and Robin from the literary smash, Waiting to Exhale. My main problem with this book is I didn't feel that this story needed to be told. She should have left these characters alone and started with new ones. The ending of Waiting to Exhale was enough, no need to dig up old characters. Terry's too talented for that!

I definitely didn't expect some of the things that happened. Not because they were twists, but because they didn't seem logical. At some point all of the characters seemed like strangers to me. They didn't seem to the same people from Waiting to Exhale, which made it very odd. After reading the last chapter, I found myself, on one hand, proud that I'd stuck with the book until the last word. On the other hand, I felt a wee bit of disappointment. I'd wanted the character's stories to be developed in a more complex manner. The cookie-cutter ending wasn't what I would've desired.

Overall, I felt a little bit depressed reading it. There was a lot more sadness than happiness. It definitely gave me the feeling of "What else could go wrong?" I would have preferred more drama, without all the unhappiness. Also, she referenced 2005 about 100 times in the book. WE GET IT, THE YEAR IS 2005. WE GET IT, IT IS 15 YEARS LATER. No need to beat us over the head!

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