Getting eyes on my blog - Help!

How do I get funding for my project by getting eyes on my project? I am working on funding my pocket parks project and posting it everywhere. Check it out here: The problem is that I don't want to continually bug my friends via email, Facebook, etc., lest they tune out, yet I'm hovering at only about 30% of my goal amount. I have to fund it fully by August 1st, so time is running out.

Any ideas? I started a blog for this project at How often should I update that? I took a number of photos and a few videos on my recent trip. How often should I upload something?

Thanks so much for any and all suggestions. I have yet to make money on any of my blogs and ... seriously. I do NOT want to do it for the love of blogging. I simply do not have the time with a writing business and little kids.





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