Getting Fired or Being Freed?

“Anything or anyone that doesn’t bring you alive is too small for you.” David Whyte

It was around this time last year last I was called into my CEO’s office on a bright Monday morning. We usually touched base each Monday morning to plan for the week ahead, so this was not unusual. But, this particular Monday was different. I was being released from my position as Chief Marketing Officer that I had held for the last 2 years and that I had worked toward my entire career.

  • Even though the company had been purchased by investors and I knew my position was vulnerable, I was surprised.

  • Even though the company had added new players with big egos, I was shocked.  

  • Even though I found myself crying several times a week and everything seemed like a struggle, I was taken aback.

Getting fired is traumatic. Going home to tell your future husband that you just bought a home with that you no longer have a job, an identity or an income is sobering.

But here’s the truth….

My life had been talking to me for years, but I hadn’t been listening.

That job may have paid the bills, but it never fed my soul. It might have looked glamorous and impressive to others, but it actually made me smaller and dimmed my light.

What I couldn’t see then that is so crystal clear to me now is that on that bright, summer morning last year, I wasn’t only getting fired. I was being freed.

  • I was freed from the idea that in order to make a good living, I wasn’t permitted the indulgence to make a good life.

  • I was freed from believing that I had to be miserable in my job for some period of time until I earned the right to be happy…someday.

  • I was freed from the belief that because this is all I had ever done that this was all I could ever do.

If we can find the lesson and the opportunity for growth in the midst of a traumatic experience, it can be the teacher for our lives that propels us to a higher level of meaning and fulfillment.

I now live as a certified life coach, author and speaker, trained by some of the best people in the world.

I now am an entrepreneur growing my own business and my own dream, rather than someone else’s.

I am now helping other women like me find more meaning, escape the daily hustle and add more life to their life.

I am now helping women light their own path to their version of freedom and abundance.  

What happened on that Monday morning one year ago happened FOR me - not TO me.

That firing led me back to myself.

That firing led me to more meaning, more passion and more abundance in the last year than the last 20 years combined.

That firing led to my freedom.


Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.


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