Getting Fit For Summer: The Top 8 Bike Paths in the Western United States

As any bike rider knows, the path that you ride on plays a great deal in the enjoyment of the ride. Depending on the route, you're going to either have a great or terrible time. The more challenging the route, the better. Here are some of the best bike paths to ride on in the Western United States.

Springwater Corridor in Oregon

This bike trail spans an impressive 40 miles and connects Portland, Oregon to Boring, Oregon. It runs through the city and along the river. You'll even travel over the double-lift Steel Bridge once you're almost to Boring. This is definitely not a path for beginners, though. If you're an experienced bike rider and want a great challenge, this is the path for you.

Bayshore Bikeway in San Diego, California

This trail only spans about thirteen miles, but it might feel a bit longer because you'll have to stop so often to take pictures of California's beauty. The entire path is lined with palm trees! You'll go through Coronado, National City, and Chula Vista. After you're done with the thirteen mile path, if you want to continue, you can travel on either the bike lane or route for an additional eleven miles.

Los Angeles to San Diego

By far the longest trail on this list, the Los Angeles to San Diego route spans a massive 140 miles. You'll travel on bike paths and residential streets. You should always take the proper precautions when it comes to bike riding. On this path, you'll definitely be dealing with traffic. According to this bicycle traffic accident statistics infographic, more than 500 bicyclists have been killed each year for more than a decade, largely during the evening rush home. As anyone that's been to Los Angeles knows, there's a good chance that they have the worst traffic in the world. Stay safe and ride safe.

Platte River, Colorado

As easy as it'd be to include California only trails on this list, you can't discount the beauty in other states. This trail in Colorado spans nearly 30 miles. You'll travel to the Mary Carter Greenway, which will take you to Chatfield State Park. Along the ride, you'll see botanical gardens, memorials, and quite a few parks. 

Ojai, California

Sorry, couldn't resist putting more California on the list. It's just so beautiful! The bicycle route in Ojai is 16 miles long and spans from the sea to the mountains. You'll see a ton of beautiful sights along the way, too. It's one of the smoothest trails on this list. About halfway through the trail, it crosses routes 33 and 150, so be extremely careful as you cross. You'll also pass Libby Park on this route.

Spokane River Centennial Trail in Spokane, Washington

This trail spans nearly 40 miles and will take you from the Idaho/Washington state line and into Nine Mile Falls. The path goes along the Spokane river, and you'll catch glimpses of downtown, rural countryside, and the Gonzaga University campus. Indeed, this trail has it all. If you're in the area, it's absolutely worth checking out.

South Bay Bicycle Trail in Los Angeles, California

This trail, which spans from the Pacific Palisades to the Palos Verdes Peninsula, spans almost 25 miles. You'll travel near the beach and see the sights of the Venice Boardwalk. Just make sure you clear out of the area by 11 PMā€”things get a bit crowded after that. 

Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle, Washington

The final trail on our list, this trail is, thankfully, paved, and is almost 15 miles long. You'll travel through Fremont, along Lake Washington, and into Kenmore. If the Fremont Bridge is under construction, you'll have to take a detour. Otherwise, you'll get to see several parks.

Not to completely discount the East coast, because it has some great biking paths as well, but the West coast is where you want to be. You'll enjoy a great ride and beautiful scenery, regardless of where you go. Do you know of any great paths that aren't listed here? Leave us a comment and let us know about it!


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