Getting Gozer What She Needs

In the last psychologists meeting I brought all five kids (my girls, Gozer, and Gozer’s brother Gamer) so that the doctor could see Gozer interact with them. All went very well. As we were leaving the doctor pulled me aside and said, “I want you to know I am now getting contradictory information from Gozer’s parents. Their information is so different from what I have seen and the information provided by you and her grandparents that I believe it represents a commitment on their part to avoid an Asperger’s diagnosis. With that information in my report I may have to say it is inconclusive whether or not Gozer has Asperger’s and recommend she be tested again at six. However, I feel it is very important that you treat Gozer as though you were sure she had Asperger’s. Will you please tell your parents the same thing? I think it is very important that they treat her as though she has Asperger’s.”

Clearly, the therapist is convinced Gozer has ASD but knows the futility of giving a diagnosis without parental acceptance and transparency. This was the only way, since she had permission from BabyBro to verbally tell us things, to make sure we knew what she felt was the correct diagnosis.

Let’s hope that Granny and Grandpa – who are raising her 1/2 the time -- can help Gozer find her way. Let’s hope that Gozer’s parents pull their head out of their ass before Gozer starts her new school. Let’s hope I don’t turn Christmas into a family trip to the ER because I have beaten the ever living shit outta Gozer’s parents during the turkey dinner and they need urgent medical treatment.

*sound of Xanax bottle opening and pills being poured into palm*

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