Meeting Old Friends in Getting To Happy [SPOILERS]

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As much as I wanted to love Getting to Happy, the sequel to Waiting to Exhale (many hours spent singing along to *that* soundtrack...) it reminded me a lot of the second Sex and the City movie -- the long awaited to follow up on four wonderful women that just... fell flat.

I did like some of the topics that Terry McMillan discussed, especially drug abuse (something that is often left out of novels as it is uncomfortable) but I wasn't left feeling like Savannah, Gloria, Robin & Bernadine really found their happy. I was hoping for some unexpected plot twists, but I wasn't finding them. The plot line involving Marvin's death was very emotional though -- probably my biggest fear, and reading about that heartbreak was difficult to get through. However, the counterpoint to that was seeing how much Gloria's friend's supported her during that time, which is something that resonates with every female friendship.

That said, much like the second Sex & the City movie, as much as I didn't love the story I was happy to revisit "old friends" no matter how bland the story woven around them. I did love the description of all of them dancing at the very end, however, because that is how I hope my life is, squeezed among people I love and who love me, dancing to the beat. I would only recommend this book to someone looking for something to pass the time on a long flight or at the beach, as it wasn't the follow up I was looking for.

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