Getting to Happy Already!

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In Terry McMillan's sequel to Waiting to Exhale , Getting to Happy, we are reintroduced to the four friends Savannah, Bernadine, Robin and Gloria, fifteen years after we left them exhaling. The four strong black women we first met are still feisty and fierce, and most importantly still best friends.

There is something to be said for the fact that these women are still loyal and true to each other, they are brutally honest, they are bitchy with each other, and yet they love each other like sisters, they forgive each other above all. Women of all race and creed should consider this, for women can be so catty when instead we should be holding each other up and helping each other. We should celebrate our successes and lend a supportive hand when a friend needs it.

As the book opens Savanna is contemplating the sorry state of her marriage to Issac, she is bored, but she has no idea what has been going on in her own home until she innocently stumbles on to something on Issac's computer. Gloria is blissfully happy with Marvin, as they are about to celebrate their fourteenth wedding anniversary something happens to alter their happiness. Robin is still single raising her daughter Sparrow, bored in her job, shopping to ease the pain, searching for something to make her feel, well, Happy. Bernadine is also finding ways to ease the pain after her seemingly happy marriage turns to devastation after one phone call.

All of the women are guilty of making bad choices, generally with the exception of Gloria, who just has bad stuff happen. It is a bit disappointing that the three highly educated women in this novel are so miserable and self loathing that they have such a difficult time getting through life searching for that elusive happiness. Gloria on the other hand, has raised Tarik to be a fine upstanding young man, has a successful business, and a solid marriage. While she may be a bit guilty of eating away her sorrow, she does seem to be the most grounded and sensible character in McMillian's novel.

It is a quick read, and entertaining. Perfect for beach days and vacation, and in the end you are proud of these women and would be happy to call them a friend.

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