Getting to Happy Begins by Forging Solid Female Friendships

BlogHer Review

In Getting to Happy Terry McMillan revisits the four, main, female characters fifteen years after the end of Waiting to Exhale. Over the years these women have remained close friends, but time has taken a toll on their happiness as children, careers and marriages have altered the course of their lives.

The book is spoken from the point of view of all four women and the reader is quickly reintroduced to each character and brought up to speed on the important events that have changed their lives over these past fifteen years.

The overwhelming theme of the novel revolves around the struggle of these women in terms of heartbreak and heart-related pain. In one way or another the men and husbands in their lives have left them feeling ravaged and unhappy.

Over the years the women have remained friends, but over time their relationships with one another have also weakened. However, as any woman with good gal-pals knows you can always depend on your friends to help you through daily trials and tribulations.

As the novel progresses you see how the bonds of these friendships can strengthen again and how they seek strength and enjoyment from the company of the women around them. They lean on and depend on one another to find relief from grief, disappointment and lethargy.

They understand each other like no one else in the world and they coexist more like sisters than mere friends. They prove that friendship can help one cope and heal with the less-than-ideal aspects of life. In fact, the novel speaks to the common sisterhood of women.

If you have a strong group of women in your life, this book will make you want to call them. You’ll want to thank them for lending an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.