Getting to Happy: Just Breathe

BlogHer Review
15 years is a long time to wait for a sequel and after reading Getting to Happy I almost wish Terry McMillan had just left Bernadine, Gloria, Robin and Savannah alone and given us a new book, instead.

It's not that Getting to Happy was a bad read, it wasn't - I just didn't love what happened to these four women. I didn't like it one bit.

At the end of Waiting to Exhale, Bernadine and Gloria seemed to be well on their way to happy and it turns out Gloria was -- until fate steps in and does the most horrible thing in the world. Bernadine got slammed by an even worse guy than John. What's worse is the woman who burned her first husband's belongings couldn't snap back from an even bigger betrayal -- that was such a let down. I thought Bernadine was stronger than that.

Robin and Savannah just seemed to be stuck in the same emotional space that we left them in and that's just depressing.

On a good note, I loved the children in the book. Sparrow, Onika, Taylor, Brass and Blaze are all excellently written and I think I'd have preferred it if McMillan had told their stories instead of their parents', grandparents' and aunties'.

If you've never read Waiting to Exhale, you might like Getting to Happy more than I did. I just had so much hope for these awesome women and find it hard to believe that three of the four were still waiting, not just to exhale -- but to make themselves happy.

I sure hope those breathing exercises Bernadine learned will help them all make their way through the next 15 years.