I Struggled with Getting To Happy

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Terry McMillan is well known for her book turned movie Waiting to Exhale. But I have to say that her newest book Getting to Happy, simply left me waiting for it to end.

My personal reading preference is to find books that allow me to escape. Whether it's through the fantasy of a life I could lead, the joy of reading about love, life and laughter or the intrigue of a murder mystery that I will never personally have to experience. After 100 pages of Getting to Happy, I felt sad, lonely and depressed about the state of relationships in America. It didn't make me want to fix things, it made me want to close the book and move on with my life.

Many women who are struggling with divorce or infidelity might find solace in this book by simply knowing they are not alone and laughing at the ways in which these women are dealing with life. Or to be more accurate not dealing with things. It just wasn't my kind of book and I'm really sorry to say that because I was very excited based upon the title, I thought it would be about these women finding true love or loving themselves.

In the end the book is redeeming with the women starting to turn things around, but I was so bogged down by the saddening first half of the book that I couldn't get enthralled with the ending. My husband commented multiple times that for a speed reader it was taking me an amusing amount of time to get through this book. And he's right, by the final chapters I started to skim because I did not really care about anything other than reaching the final page.

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