Getting to Happy Was Like Meeting Up With Old Friends

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I was so much younger with Waiting to Exhale came out in the movies, and now I am reading the sequel Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan for Blogher Book Club.

As I first started the book I was trying to picture which character was which actress from the movie. I did not read the book at the time of the movie release. Getting to Happy reintroduces the four ladies and their lives from that movie and does give you a little background from the movie to remind you of their lives 15 years ago.

The four women -- Gloria, Bernadine, Savannah, and Robin -- are very likable women who now in my forties and married with children can better relate to what is going on with their lives than when I was single and watching Waiting to Exhale. I must admit the first half of the book was pretty depressing to see how all four women are having such sadness in their lives either maritally, emotionally or with careers.

Terry McMillan does a great job developing each of her characters as she had a solid base from her first book. All along I was rooting for these women individually that their luck would turn around. At times I just wanted to yell into the book and give them advice or tell them to get over it and move on girl.

I will not share with you the ending of the book but basically all the women find their way to happiness by dealing with what has brought them to this lull in their lives. I think to my own friends and marriages and wonder what we will be like in 10 years, hoping to keep our relationships on going to have such a continued support group like these women.

I think this book is a great summer read, especially if you are a woman in your late 30's to 60's. Grab the book and enjoy some girlfriend time and then call your own friends and schedule a girls night out!


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