Getting Healthy

If I had it my way, my diet would consist of fruits, vegetables, chicken (grilled or baked), seafood, water with 3 slices of lemon, and various nuts.  Man, that would be great! But, alas, I have 2 sons and a husband to feed, who enjoy more than the plethora of nuts and berries I like.

Recently, I have started to change the foods we eat. Although we weren’t eating too unhealthy in the first place, we could have done much better.  I now purchase more fruits to take the place of unhealthy snacks the kids and hubby would eat.  Instead of sugary fruit snacks or candies, I prepare ready-to-eat fruit slices right at their fingertips.  When I come from the grocery store with watermelons, cantaloupes, mangoes, pineapples, and such, I start the slicing and dicing. I cut all the fruit, that doesn’t turn brown, into bite-sized squares to be stored in plastic containers in the fridge.  That way, my boys have no challenges to overcome if they want a good snack, fast.

Even though it would be much better to use a juicer to make the juices we drink, I buy only 100% fruit juice. To help reduce sugar intake, I always put ½ water and ½ juice in the kids’ glasses. My drinks of choice are usually 1% milk or water with lemon slices. The lemon slices help to make the water taste better for me, but adding lemon (or any citrus) to water also helps eliminate toxins in your system.  I have also added green tea with honey and cinnamon to our list of daily beverages.  Among other things, green tea and cinnamon helps to lower cholesterol (one of the issues the hubs is facing) and the honey energizes the body and boosts the immune system (some things I need).

With all of the fruit and healthy drinks, we all felt the need for a crunchier snack that would fill the void of chips and cheese puffs.  In my quest for such a snack, I had to find something with low salt, low sugar, little to no “bad” oils, and something that tasted good. I chose low sodium Triscuits, Smart Heart popcorn, popchips (popped potatoes), and Pop Corners (popcorn in the shape of a chip). All of these had been my favorite for a long time. My boys had always laughed at me for my weird snacks, but here we all are enjoying what was once a joke and now a staple.

With only a few changes to our diet, we have seen great changes in how we feel. My skin is clearer, the hubs has lost weight and his blood pressure is steadily declining, the youngest no longer asks for candy and is much calmer,  and the oldest anticipates what fruits I will be buying next.

I’m glad we’ve made the change to a healthier lifestyle. Now, if only we would make it to the exercise room upstairs!


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