Getting Healthy Part 2... Snack Time!



Over the past few days, the fam and I have been implementing this new way of eating I discussed on my last post “Getting Healthy”-   We decided to start exclusively eating uncooked fruits, veggies, 100% fruit juices, nuts, yogurts, and other great alternatives to unhealthy snacks.  We may have to cheat a little this weekend and grill or bake because of the holiday.

I could eat fresh fruits all day, everyday¸ but there are days where I really crave chips. Any kind of chips- nacho, tortilla, potato, etc.  And after 3 days of snacking on fruits and nuts, my little boys were about to go insane without a Dorito fix! So, off to Whole Foods we go to search for a few healthy alternatives to chips.  We found veggie chips, sweet potato chips, snap pea chips, blue chips, toasted chips, the selection went on and on. As I perused the wall of a million chips, my eyes landed upon popchips.  I’d tried them before and loved them, but wasn’t sure what the boys would think.

 In order to convince them to try new things, sometimes I have to embellish a little bit to make that new thing sound super cool. Fortunately, popchips has a cool story of their own. These chips are made much like popcorn- some heat and pressure are applied and then the chip pops! How cool is that? AND they are NOT baked, NOT fried and only 100 calories. To top it all off, there were 6 or 7 different flavors to choose from.  To make it fun, we chose all of them. My favorite is barbecue because of the tangy, salty taste and the salt & vinegar because of the sour and tangy taste (I love tangy!)  My oldest son loves the cheddar flavor because he is a real connoisseur of cheese and the little one likes the original flavor. These chips are so good, you’ll forget how healthy they are.  Each bite packs a burst of flavor that rivals its unhealthy counterpart.

I am so glad the kids have found a snack that they like and actually request.  These chips are so full of flavor, I can’t put the bag down. Eating 4 bags of chips back to back is still healthy right?

Now if I could just get the kids to eat salad! For more information on popchips, check 'em out at


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