Getting Healthy Part 3... Take a Walk!

In addition to the change in diet we have implemented as a family, the hubby has sold us on the idea of taking a walk around the neighborhood park every night after dinner.  The purpose is three-fold:  to incorporate movement in our daily routine, to walk off any extra calories, and most importantly, to exhaust the little one into an early bedtime. And don’t misunderstand, my 3 year old is not normal, he can stay up all night long if we let him. He is still unusually alert at 2am. Anyway, walking around a lake and feeding the ducks for an hour really helps tire him out.

Lately, I’ve been lazy when it comes to exercising. I know I need to do it so I can stay fit, but several months ago when I established a daily exercise routine, I found that I was losing weight. Going from a size 2 to a 0 was not my mission. I just wanted to maintain my, then, current weight and tone a couple of key areas.  I believe the new after dinner walk routine will get me back in the groove and motivate me to start a different kind of workout routine. I’ve consulted with a couple of doctors and fitness experts that have advised that I would need to increase my protein intake in order to counter balance the workout and excessive weight loss. Our daily walk has helped the hubby decrease his blood pressure and lose a few pounds. Most importantly, it has given all of us a chance to bond and talk about our day and the things on our mind. 

Additionally, we experience the joy and wonder of nature as a family.  We interact with the little duckies, pretending to know what they’re saying to us and them eating little pieces of bread right out of our hands. One “duck” family consists a mommy and daddy goose and 4 little brown ducks. I guess humans aren’t the only ones who adopt!  My little one, Xavier,  also got to see what lightning bugs look like. How amazing that must be to see it for the first time!  We watch the fish swim and play under water, giving them names as if they are our friends.  Since Xavier has been watching “Finding Nemo” lately, he names every other fish Nemo and all of the other ones are Corey (his interpretation of Dorey’s name).  So cute!

I am happy to say that what started as a healthy way to end the day, has turned into valuable family time that I am sure we will all remember for a lifetime.


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