Getting inspired by others

I recently met someone that I really connected with. Her name is Dr. Patty Ann and she is a relationship expert in North America. We connected to see how we could support each other in a joint venture which is really exciting in itself but what I found even better was that she had the same views about fellow proffessionals in the same busines niche as herself  as I do.  I believe that to be a good person, a great resource to my clients and mompreneur following it is important to be always growing and expanding my view of the world. I kind of got into this type of thinking when I was an esthetician many years ago and it has expanded and grown since. When I first met Dr. Patty Ann Tublin I had not read very much about her book Not Tonight Dear I Have a Business To Run but was very curious because it is about work life balance or as I have now discovered the nonexistance of work life balance. I am so intrigued. My business is about work life balance being a mindset  that mompreneurs can adopt to make their lives better. Thats why this book facinates me. I bought the book in a flash and received my copy today. I will be reading it tonight and am ready to be inspired, to expand my perception and to learn something new. Today I am greatful for having the years and maturity to know that this is what I will gain by bringing her wisdom and experience into my life. Soon this book will be launched on Amazon and I will cheer her on. A rich life is about learning about others views and perceptions and discovering new ways to enrich your life. So here is me, following my path on a greater tomorrow. If you are interested in her book it will be launching on Amazon soon. 

Drifa Ulfarsdottir CPCP

Work Life Balance Coach for Momreneurs

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