Getting Kids Addicted to Giving

Drives me bonkers when people talk talk talk about giving but don't actually get their tuchus in motion - financially, physically, and specifically with their kids. Our children are not going to gain appreciation for those less fortunate or the extreme needs that exist in our world unless they are engaged in a very active way. Watching parents write a check is not going to do it. They'll roll their eyes. After spending far too much money on groceries that were pushed around the plates on Thanksgiving, I was anxious to find a way to get my children actively involved. Mine are dubbed "too young" to work at the soup kitchen, the food bank, the homeless shelter - even with me by their sides. This seems ridiculous, but I suppose there are good reasons. That’s why I love Best thing is its super-accessible to kids - donations can be made in very small, allowance-friendly amounts! 100% of your donation goes directly to the need on the ground. And, cooler, you can choose exactly what geography or demographic or type of cause you want to target. Our family is sensitive to hunger issues, so we gifted vitamins to children in Sierra Leone. 2 weeks after gifting, the kiddos get an email back from detailing how their money changed a life, about the actual individuals reached and what their reaction was, and it comes with a photo! So your kids get to see the person they impacted. It’s very exciting. Yes, there’s tons of work to be done locally - and we keep trying to find ways to get our kids involved at the source of need. But I really believe is providing an incredible avenue for (especially younger) kids to be involved, feel connnected to those less fortunate and experience the joy of truly helping. Check it out:

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