Getting Kids to Eat and Enjoy Ethnic Foods

Our our family's recent trip to Panama and Costa Rica, my children loved tasting tropical fruits that they hadn't seen before (
/special-expeditionsfruit-expeditions-episode-1/). It got me thinking about how eager kids can be to taste foods that are sweet and those that are similar to foods they already like. Fruits there come in fantastic shapes, sizes and colors, and were a joy to try...even if the outcome was a surprising burst of sour flavor or if the texture was reminiscent of raw oysters!

Okay, so it was easy to get my kids to taste fruit. But how could I get them to try the local fare? At home, it is pretty easy to get them to taste Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese foods. Maybe that is because they are prevalent in our community and we frequently dine in those types of restaurants. Or maybe it is because of the familiar ingredients that they contain, such as cheese and noodles.

What if I wanted to get them to try Indian food? It is one of my favorites, and is usually saved for the rare occasion where we splurge for a babysitter. Why have we been keeping this delicious food to ourselves and not sharing it with our kids?

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